Maine Association for Specialists in Group Work (MeASGW)

The Association for Specialists in Group Work (ASGW) is a division of the American Counseling Association. As Counseling Professionals who are interested in and specialize in group work, we value the creation of community; service to our members, their clients, and the profession; and leadership as a process to facilitate the growth and development of individuals and groups. The MeASGW is a chapter of ASGW established in March 2007. MeASGW past president Terry Mitchell received Maine's charter from Jim Trotzer at ACA annual meeting, in Detroit, MI.

The purpose of the Association shall be to establish standards for professional and ethical practice; to support research and the dissemination of knowledge; and to provide professional leadership in the field of group work. In addition, the Association shall seek to extend counseling through the use of group process; to provide a forum for examining innovative and developing concepts in group work; to foster diversity and dignity in our groups; and to be models of effective group practice.

MeASGW welcomes you to be a part of our board and membership. Please contact Joel Lavenson if you are interested in serving in one of these volunteer positions.Thank you.

State Branch Officers
  • President:  Joel Lavenson

    Contact: Joel Lavenson

  • President Elect: Open

  • Clerk: Open

  • Treasurer: Open
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